A metal fence can be a great choice for any property, as metal is very durable and strong and typically doesn't need much maintenance over the years. Tubular fencing is also good for keeping out potential intruders, as the bars don't provide much of a toehold for someone to climb the fence. The openness of metal bars also means an unobscured view of the horizon so your yard won't seem closed-in and boxy. To ensure you choose the right metal fence for your yard, note a few details you'll want to consider, and discuss these choices with a fencing contractor as needed.

Top of the fence

The metal bars that make up a tubular fence can be pressed spears, finials, or flat. Pressed spears have a pointed top that is pressed or flattened so that they're not sharp and dangerous. This can give your fence a very regal and elegant look, but make it safer for anyone who comes into contact with the fence. Finials are actually sharpened at the top, and these can mean added security against someone trying to climb the fence.

A flat top metal fence has a long and flat upper rail that covers the top of the bars that make up the fence. This can give the fence a cleaner and simpler look, which is a good choice for a modern home, as the straight line of a flat top works well with the simple lines of modern decor and accessories.

Size of the pickets

Note the overall size of the pickets of your home's fence, especially if you choose a lighter material like aluminium, as a small aluminium picket may be easy to bend or cut with bolt cutters. If you need maximum security for your property, choose a thicker size of picket or tube; this can also give the fence more visual appeal and make it more noticeable for larger and longer yards. Thicker pickets that are closer together can also mean more privacy from neighbours and less chance of a small dog or cat being able to squeeze through the bars.


Look for metal that is powder coated rather than painted, as powder coating is typically much more durable than paint, which can get scratched or chipped. A painted metal fence will usually need more maintenance and recoating over time, and it may even need to be removed and replaced once the paint begins to fade or peel away from the fence surface. Ensure you choose powder coating for your metal fence, for fewer needed repairs and a more durable coating.