When you have a pool installed on your property, you are probably obligated by law to install a fence around it to stop children, pets, wildlife and even trespassers from accidentally falling in. Once you know the local legal requirements for a pool fence height and size, note a few reasons why glass may be the best choice of material for your home's pool fence.


Do you have a beautifully landscaped backyard, a very attractive patio are  or even a nice paint job on the floor and walls of the pool that you want to see and enjoy when you're outside? If so, a glass fence can be the right option as it won't obstruct your view, cast shadows on those features or clash with any of those details. A mesh fence can easily obstruct the view of the pool and your landscaping features, and the colour of the mesh can also clash with the colour of your patio furniture, colour of the wood deck or stone pavers and other features in your yard. Since glass is neutral and transparent, it's the best choice for an unobstructed view and for easily blending in with your outdoor features, rather than clashing with them.


A mesh fence with very small openings in the mesh won't provide much of a toehold for potential intruders, but it's still usually easier to climb a mesh fence than a glass fence. A person can also cut mesh with bolt cutters or other tools more easily than they can cut a glass fence and gain entry. If you're very worried about your property's overall security, a tall glass fence can be the best choice.


A wood fence may need the most maintenance over the years as it needs continual repainting or staining; it also needs to be inspected for mould, mildew and other rot. Any type of metal fence also needs constant inspection for rust and corrosion or to see if the colour is fading due to sunlight and exposure to pool chemicals. A metal fence may also eventually sag in the middle so that you need to tighten and rehang it.

A glass fence needs very little maintenance; it's virtually shatterproof so you don't need to worry about any type of chipping or splintering and glass doesn't hold mould or mildew. A glass fence also won't rot or sag in the middle. If you don't relish the idea of maintaining your pool fence over the years, a glass fence can be the better choice.

Talk with a contractor who specialises in pool fencing to learn more about your options.